Hiking Rattlesnake Ledge // Washington

Rattlesnake Ledge is a relatively moderate hike in Washington’s Central Cascade Mountains. A popular trail, especially in the summertime, hikers are rewarded with stunning views and Instagram-worthy panoramas at the top.


The trail starts at a family-friendly park by Rattlesnake Lake. When we went, the lake was very low, but when it’s been a good winter it’s supposed to be suitable for swimming and kayaking. The park makes it a great option for families and groups; folks who don’t want to do the hike can hang out by the lake.


Less than an hour from Seattle, Rattlesnake Ledge is a great day trip. The trail winds through beautiful forest, with a few lookouts over Rattlesnake Lake as you ascend, and is nice and wide and well-maintained.


This was one of the first hikes we took Aspen on when adopted her. She’s a great hiker, and–as we discovered–apparently a really great rock scrambler!


Go early if you want to avoid the crowds, and watch your little ones and dogs at the ledge(s) when you reach the top–there are some sheer cliffs.


Distance: 4.0 miles, roundtrip (6.4 km.)

Elevation: 3,481 ft. (1,061 m) // 1,160 ft. gain (353.5 m.)

Terrain: Dirt; not too steep; includes many switchbacks; well-maintained

Difficulty Level: Moderate, suitable for most ages

Dog-friendly: Yes

Entrance Fee: No

Written by Stephanie

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